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Tryptich Surfboard Series | Boom-Art
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Tryptich Surfboard Series | Boom-Art

French skate and surf board brand Boom-Art  specialises in Limited Edition skateboards, and often uses famous artwork or photographs on their collectors’ boards. Now, they’ve teamed up with UWL surfboards and have converted European artwork from the 15th and 16th century into surfboard collections, each with three pieces. The surfboard tryptichs feature classic artwork, including six-piece French tapestry The Lady and the Unicorn (La Dame à la Licorneand Bosch’s famous three-piece painting The Garden of Earthly DelightThe boards are made by hand in France and are limited to ten pieces each. If you like unique boards, you might like these artistic skateboard designs, too.

PaintingSufrboard_feeldesain_01 PaintingSufrboard_feeldesain_02 PaintingSufrboard_feeldesain_03 PaintingSufrboard_feeldesain_04 PaintingSufrboard_feeldesain_05 PaintingSufrboard_feeldesain_06 PaintingSufrboard_feeldesain_07

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