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This spray-on dress is the perfect intersection of art and technology
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This dress was developed on stage for @bellahadid in @coperni’s SS23 Show. Initially created in 2013 by Manel Torres, Fabrican’s patented spray-on fabric technology starts as a liquid suspension which is sprayed by a spray gun or an aerosol can. The fabric is formed by the cross-linking of fibers which adhere to each other and to the surface sprayed to create an instant non-woven fabric. The versatility of a sprayable fabric coating that seamlessly conforms to any shape removes technical and economic barriers to offering consumers customized product

Fabrican primarily uses fibres recycled from discarded clothes and other fabrics. The technology can also utilise biodegradable fibres and binders in place of fossil-based polymers to reduce the carbon footprint of material and manufacturing. Once used, Fabrican materials can be redissolved and reused, or disposed of for biological degradation into simple molecules under industrial composting conditions.

Video: @alexandresilberstein

Credit: yanko design

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