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The Twelve Beards of Christmas
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The Twelve Beards of Christmas

The Twelve Beards of Christmas” by photographer Stephanie Jarstad, decorated the beards of woolly-faced men with holiday ornaments.  You can purchase these sweet mugs in the form of Christmas cards or a poster print on her Etsy.

Twelve-Beards-of-Christmas-5 feeldesain

Twelve-Beards-of-Christmas_1 feeldesain

Twelve-Beards-of-Christmas-1 feeldesain

Twelve-Beards-of-Christmas-2 feeldesain

Twelve-Beards-of-Christmas-3 feeldesain

Twelve-Beards-of-Christmas-4 feeldesain

Twelve-Beards-of-Christmas-6 feeldesain

Twelve-Beards-of-Christmas-7 feeldesain

Twelve-Beards-of-Christmas-8 feeldesain

Twelve-Beards-of-Christmas-9 feeldesain

Twelve-Beards-of-Christmas feeldesain

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