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The Tutu Project
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The Tutu Project

The Tutu Project began in 2003 as a lark. I mean, really, think of it. Me photographing myself in a pink tutu, how crazy is that?

” But nine years ago my wife, Linda, and I moved to the East Coast and, as odd as it may sound, the self-portraits proved to be a perfect way of expressing myself. Why? Because even though the move was exciting, exhilarating, and inspiring, it was 180 degrees from what I knew. So I took the old, mixed it in with the new, and the kept the tutu handy.

Six months after the move, Linda, was diagnosed with breast cancer. She beat it, only to have it recur in 2006. During these past nine years, I’ve been in awe of her power, her beauty, and her spirit. Oddly enough, her cancer has taught us that life is good, dealing with it can be hard, and sometimes the very best thing—no, the only thing—we can do to face another day is to laugh at ourselves, and share a laugh with others.

Enter Ballerina, the book. Not only is it a collection of my tutu images, it also shares many humorous stories about the adventures of a guy and his pink tulle. So far, there has been a tremendous response to the series of photos—people are particularly moved by the images. And their interest and enthusiasm have made us want to share that experience with as many people as possible in the form of a book, so that we can raise money to help other women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

This autumn, I will self-publish Ballerina. The net proceeds from the sale of the book will go directly to breast cancer organizations, including and the Beth Israel Department of Integrative Medicine Fund, that make significant differences in the lives of women with breast cancer and in the people who love them. Our goal is to raise $75,000. But we need your help to seed the project so it will take root and grow—and positively affect these families.

Here’s how sponsorship works. For $500, you will receive a special edition 20-by-24-inch signed tutu print, valued at $1,200—along with a first edition of the book, Ballerina. You will also receive recognition on my Facebook fan page and in all other project materials, including mention in Ballerina. Best of all, there is no limit to the number of sponsorships you can purchase.

Other ways you can contribute are by purchasing a T-shirt, pre-purchasing a signed copy of Ballerina, which will ship once it is published. Of course, you can also contribute any cash amount you choose. All of these options are below.

Thank you for considering sponsorship of the much-anticipated Tutu Project. We want you to know how grateful we are. By joining us in this effort, you are making a real difference for women who have to endure far too much.

After years of talking about the project, it’s really happening—and I’m tickled pink.”

Bob Carey

Autoritratti auto-ironici divertiti e divertenti, i self del The Tutu Projet di Bob Carey sono un inno all’arte di ridere di se stessi, ma anche alla generosa capacità di regalare una risata agli altri, prima di tutto all’amata consorte, alle prese con il lungo decorso di un cancro al seno.

Il progetto nato per intraprendere un viaggio ironico e sentimentale con la propria immagine in un paese nuovo, self dopo self, in tutù rosa con corpo tenero e villoso in bella vista dei paesaggi più suggestivi della Costa Est, ha finito per trasformarsi nel balsamo ideale per lenire e sdrammatizzare le bizze della vita, imprevedibile, difficile, bizzarra…

Lo scorso autunno Bob Carey ha deciso di auto-pubblicare i suoi autoritratti in Ballerina, destinando i proventi del libro alle organizzazioni che si occupano di quel cancro al seno sconfitto per due volte da sua moglie, anche grazie all’amore del suo compagno con un tutù sempre pronto a strapparle un sorriso. Con l’ambizioso obiettivo di raccogliere $ 75.000 Bob invita quindi tutti a partecipare al coraggioso e delizioso progetto, approfittando dei contributie delle sponsorizzazioni che ha previsto, trovate on line, e siete invitati a diffondere e/o prendere in considerazione.

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