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The Simpsons Theme | Vocal Cover
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The Simpsons Theme | Vocal Cover

Amazing Video project by Nick McKaig singing the Simpsons Theme using just his voice for all musical instruments!

The artist says:

“This is my tribute to Matt Groening and my favorite TV show! The recording is 100% vocals and 100% my own voice. In order to perform this song, I actually had to write out the entire orchestration from a recording and perform every part, which ended up being over 30! The violin runs were the most fun to record…”

“I use a Blue Spark Microphone, which runs at the low end of professional-grade audio equipment, with a Focusrite Saffire 6 USB interface. I record at my apartment in a “Studio” which consists of my 3-foot by 4-foot closet lined with clothes. The video is also recorded in my apartment in front of a green screen with a Canon EOS 7D camera. It’s your classic poor-man’s video setup..”

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