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The Rabbit Hole | Matt Woods
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The Rabbit Hole | Matt Woods

Now this is the kind of tea house we’d like to visit. The Rabbit Hole: Organic Tea Bar in Sydney, Australia, was designed by Matt Woods and involves a modern mix of industrial materials like concrete, timber and brick, and softer touches like warm lighting, decorative plants and hints of colour. Despite the heavy use of cold materials, the space feels light, warm and welcoming. The “Specialty Tea Display” is an insight into the Japanese concept of Kintsugi (celebrating the beauty of imperfect ceramic objects) and also provides a sculptural aspect. The materials chosen are all sustainable, adding to the “organic” theme of the café, and the mixed materials are very 2016. We love it.


Matt Woods/Dave Wheeler via Inspirationist

RabbitHole_feeldesain_01 RabbitHole_feeldesain_02 Rabbithole_feeldesain_03 RabbitHole_feeldesain_04 RabbitHole_feeldesain_05 RabbitHole_feeldesain_06 RabbitHole_feeldesain_07 RabbitHole_feeldesain_08 RabbitHole_feeldesain_09 RabbitHole_feeldesain_10

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