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The first 2 sided leather backpack | 2Face Backpack
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The first 2 sided leather backpack | 2Face Backpack

Feel Desain took a look at this really cool backpack, actually two in one..The design comes from two architects and designers who have always found Backpacks to be one of the most comfortable ways to carry things around but as they grew up they realized that existing bag designs often don’t match with all styles of clothing.
While one backpack may look good for walking around the city or heading to the gym, the same backpack will often look out of place for going to work, so they decided it was time to change this.

In their quest to design and create the ideal backpack that would make you look stylish in the city and sleek in the office they both agreed on one thing: almost no other material matches the outstanding durability and classic look of genuine leather. No cutting corners, every part of the exterior had to be made of leather, including the often forgotten straps.

After weeks of sketching and selecting the most appropriate types of leather, they had their first prototype. Looking at the back of the bag, they knew there had to be a way to make the most of it rather than hiding it away. With this and a number of important features in mind, they went back to the drawing board to rethink the classic backpack. That’s how the 2Face Backpack came to be the first 2 sided leather backpack.
Take a look and see for yourself how stylish it is..
Sustain the project via Kickstater or follow their Facebook page for updates.
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