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The egg is back in town
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After traveling between Paris, Copenhagen, Stockholm and many other cities, Riksbyggen’s Solar Egg is back in Kiruna.
On the brink of Torne River, it shines like a golden beacon, allowing for visitors to Icehotel Sweden in Jukkasjärvi to enjoy a sauna. 

With the Solar Egg reflecting the mountains, the majestic landscape, stars and twilight – the site is truly spectacular.

Solar Egg in Stockholm

Each spring, Icehotel Sweden brings fresh ice for next year’s hotel rooms and lets designers and artists design the interiors with ice, offering visitors a chance to sleep surrounded by snow and ice art with the help of solar energy.

Solar Egg in Rättvik
Solar Egg in Copenhagen
Solar Egg in Gällivare

About Riksbyggen’s Solar Egg by Bigert & Bergström
The artist-duo Mats Bigert and Lars Bergström has had a variety of major exhibitions in Europe, China and the USA.
Solar Egg, which is 5×4 meters high, has a shell of gold-plated stainless steel that reflects the city and surrounding nature. The self-supporting shell consists of 69 gold plates that are removable, making the construction mobile. Inside, the egg is heated by a wood-fired burner. 

Icehotel Sweden in Jukkasjärvi 

Solar Egg has received several awards, including the prestigious Red Dot Award, the Steel Business Award in 2017, the German Design Award and the Swedish Arts & Business Awards. Solar Egg has also been awarded silver in the Swedish Design Awards and bronze in the London International Awards.

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