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The Cybertecture Mirror
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The Cybertecture Mirror

With so many conceptual videos on touchscreen products, it’s hard to believe that the Cybertecture Mirror by Hong Kong-based founder James Law is actually real. The reflective mirror features programmable applications using a digital display, and is decked out with stereo speakers, WiFi, IP41 waterproofing, and fog-resistant glass.

The Cybertecture Mirror can be used in an active or passive mode, controlled via its remote control and/or smartphones. It interacts with users by delivering useful information and can even monitor your health through its peripheral sensor pad. The personal digital assistant has the ability to communicate with your computer and mobile phone, and is perfect for the home, office and public environments (hotels, hospitals, retail shops).

According to EngadgetWen Wei Po reports a 60,000 HKD ($7,733) price tag and a very ambitious expectation that two million Mirrors will be sold over the first three years.

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