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The Blue Cup Coffee Shop | Kley Design
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The Blue Cup Coffee Shop | Kley Design

As far as quirky interiors is concerned, Kiev, Ukraine seems to be quite a hotspot. Today, we’re taking you to the Blue Cup Coffee Shop, with interiors by Kley Design. This weird and wonderful coffee joint is filled with amazing animal-inspired prints and unusual features like blue cord lamps. Its contrasting colours and textures warm up the tiled walls and wooden ceilings and create an eclectic looking space. Take a look at some images below and let us know what you think!


Images: Anya Garienchik via Kley Design

BlueCup_feeldesain_01 BlueCup_feeldesain_02 BlueCup_feeldesain_03 BlueCup_feeldesain_04 BlueCup_feeldesain_05 BlueCup_feeldesain_06 BlueCup_feeldesain_07 BlueCup_feeldesain_08 BlueCup_feeldesain_09

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