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The Bank Job
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The Bank Job

Directed by design collective National Television through Not To Scale for 4Creative, the animated promo for Channel 4’s new, nightly game show, The Bank Job, draws inspiration from classic title sequences by Saul Bass and Otto Preminger…




Given the appeal of the teaser I tuned in to watch some of last night’s installment of The Bank Job. Disappointingly, the show’s title sequence doesn’t draw on the animated promo. And even more disappointingly, the show seemed to consist of contestants answering trivia questions to give them the opportunity to open a box to see if there’s a pile of fictional cash inside – a formula that is about as exciting as pairing socks. Nice trailer though.


Creative Jim Hayton
4Creative Producer Selena Cunningham
Production company Not To Scale
Director Chris Dooley of National Television
Executive producer Debbie Crosscup

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