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Terra 2.0 a seat that grows on the landscape
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Terra 2.0 a seat that grows on the landscape

Terra 2.0 is an armchair that grows on the ground. A furniture that use the nature as a part of its design, as a material, but it begins the main material. A design that grows with the time, and changes according to the weather, the season and its environment.
Designed by the Nucleo collective composed by artists and designers of Torino.

Headed by Piergiorgio Robino. Terra 2.0 is the predecessor of the Terra project, launched in Milano during the design week in 2000 but the cost of production meant that it had to cease manufacturing in 2005.

New, cheaper production technologies and a letter requesting two of the chair frames prompted the studio to revive the product this year and launch it on Kickstarter.

“Terra 2.0, is not manufactured, grow in soil. Is an example of nature as part of the design.”


terra-2.0-nucleo-milano-feeldesain intro 01




terra-2.0-nucleo-milano-feeldesain 02


terra-2.0-nucleo-milano-feeldesain 03

terra-2.0-nucleo-milano-feeldesain 05

terra-2.0-nucleo-milano-feeldesain 04

terra-2.0-nucleo-milano-feeldesain 10


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