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The New Collection Of Surfaces Inspired By Natural Materials
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The New Collection Of Surfaces Inspired By Natural Materials

German ceramic company Porcelaingres – one of the Iris Ceramica Group brands – releases the new collection of surfaces inspired by natural materials. The project is called Color Studio.

The new Color Studio collection is made of opaque sheets in 8 trendy shades in a capsule created by Porcelaingres-design lab. The philosophy of the collection stems from a thorough study and careful research of the colours. The nuances presented combine warm and cold shades, creating refined colour combinations in a natural way, giving life to unique and elegant moods perfect for all living environments, from the classic to the most modern areas.

White, Sage, Powder, Night, Cream, Biscuit, Malt and Brown: the eight naturally desaturated gradations furnish with discretion thanks to the material and matt texture; in contact with natural light, a delicate shining effect brings life back to the surrounding environment in an unconventional manner, giving it personality and character.

To demonstrate the versatility and modularity of Color Studio, the company has collaborated with Hermann August Weizenegger, one of the founding members of Design-Mai, recently included in the “Best of German Interior Design” list.

The recent collaboration, previewed during the open day in Berlin, brings together the founding values of the brand such as creativity, innovation and design, and represents one of Porcelaingres’ 2018 flagships.

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