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Stuul: health and design
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With Stuul, the brand Juuce completely reinterprets the classic toilet stool through an innovative and holistic design approach.

The revolutionary design repositions this important product category in the premium lifestyle sector; with the aim of making the toilet stool better known and de-stigmatising it.

Stuul re-invents a must-have for any bathroom with an award-winning two-piece design that is every bit as pragmatic as it is discrete.

Toilet stool with style

It consists of two identical stools that can be inserted into each other. The innovative two-part design creates space in the bathroom and is discreetly restrained.

The ergonomic handle opening allows easy and comfortable handling. Its arrow-like shape indicates the correct positioning in an intuitive way.

The unique geometry also enables an ergonomically correct foot angle that is tilted forward and creates a flat top surface when assembled.

Stuul is currently available in six vibrant colors. Choose your favourite on now!

A unique wellness product

It is made of a high density particle foam. This unique light and warm material is skin neutral, food safe, resists impact without damage and is resistant to most chemicals.

Stuul is produced climate-neutral in Germany. All production-related emissions are reduced to a minimum, and all remaining CO2 emissions are offset by climate protection measures.
The shipping is fully compensated by participation in climate protection projects.

Combining wellness and design

“We were not meant to sit on toilets” proctologist Michael Freilich famously told TIME magazine in 1978. “We were meant to squat in the field”.

The reason for this is a bit of biological geometry.
It is a known and proven fact that the toilets we use in our western society are a contributing factor to irritations and diseases through an unfavorable ergonomic posture of our 90° seating position.
A footstool forces us into a healthier squat position to provide an effective quick fix to the issue.

Award winning design

Stuul has been awarded with the renowned Universal Design Consumer Award 2019, the GOOD DESIGN® Award 2019, and the IDA Design Award 2019. 

This unique toilet stool design looks like a sculpture: is out of the way when not in use. It doesn’t come with the strange stigma many people still associate with toilet stools today through its neutral and unobtrusive architecture.
The high tech material is soft and warm, for a minimalistic style that will fit everywhere.

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