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Street Charge | NYC
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Street Charge | NYC

Good news New Yorkers, ‘Street Charge’—a charging station that turns solar energy into renewable energy for cellphones—will be coming to your city.
Developed by design consultancy PENSA, they will be partnering with solar company GoalZero and AT&T to install 25 charging stations across NYC.
Designed as a “self-sufficient battery-filled pole”, ‘Street Charge’ can be placed anywhere in the city to provide people with additional power for their phones.According to PENSA’s founder Marco Perry, he said, “We wanted something that looked like it fit naturally in those natural environments”.“It’s a little bit organic, but it’s a little bit industrial. It kind of looks like a flower, but so little that it’s not kitschy. It’s more of an abstraction.”

The ‘Street Charge’ stations will be tested for 90 days in “an exclusive deal with AT&T” and could expand to other cities in the future.








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