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Special preview of Better and Faster – The proven path to unstoppable ideas
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Special preview of Better and Faster – The proven path to unstoppable ideas

We’re pleased to bring you a special preview of’s CEO Jeremy Gutsche’s new book today on Feel Desain.


Better and Faster – The Proven Path to Unstoppable Ideas is a great book for those hoping to learn the tricks to becoming more innovative, a better manager or a better investor, but is also a nice read for anyone fond of anecdotes about recognisable brands and figures, as well as lesser known ones.


The Trend Hunter CEO and his team studied 250,000 ideas and used their huge audience to their advantage in order to study the causes of opportunity, and the book includes lessons on how to overcome the three neurological traps that impede successful people from reaching their full potential, as well as teaching you about the 6 patterns of opportunity. All of the insights, if you want them to be, can be applied to yourself or your business to help you grow and always be a step ahead of the competition.


As you’ll see by reading the first chapter, the stories are interesting and told well, the chapters are short (great if your busy schedule only gives time for short reading breaks), and you’ll definitely find yourself wanting to read on to find out more.


The book will be released on 17th March and can be pre-ordered online.


Watch the trailer below to find out more, and click here to read the first chapter, and to find special bonus content.


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