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SMACH Land-Art Project In The Dolomites
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SMACH is a land-art project born in 2012 and the event is organised by the Cultural Association SMACH.

SMACH – acronym of San Martin Art Culture and History – is a biennial open air exhibition that represents the combination of “art and nature”, where the latter acts as the display of the artistic creations, designed and tailored specifically to various sites.

It started from an international art competition that celebrates where the involved artists, staged their works in places of historical and cultural interests in San Martin de Tor and Marebbe.

SMACH is art competition

The competition is open to anyone and it’s free entry. The theme of 2019 edition is “Heimat”. The artworks selectet by the jury will be exhibited in 10 locations in the municipalities of San Martin de Tor and Mareo.

The fourth edition of SMACH puts the the word ‘Heimat’ as it’s main focus, this is not a simple word

It is well known that the word ‘Heimat’ proves untranslatable in many languages, English and Italian included. The language barrier reduces its meaning to concepts such as ‘motherland’ are banal, if not completely misleading. It does not just refer to a place, but rather a set of shared and spontaneous values which have to do with life from infancy.

Each artist must indicate the location where the work should be placed. 

Download the registration form and send it to together with visual material of your artwork (photographs, drawings, renderings, etc.).

Submission deadline on 17th of march 2019!

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