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SLOW – Designmonat Graz
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SLOW – Designmonat Graz

For every generation, since the Industrial Revolution, yesterday is slower than tomorrow. We have trained ourselves to execute all tasks quickly, in order to optimise our most expensive resource: time. Consequently, slow has become a pejorative, because synonym with excessive time consumption and therefore expensive.

The exhibition will try to offer a new, more positive reading of slow by presenting design objects that offer a slower interpretation of time by forcing the viewer to interact at a slower than normal pace, and sit, observe, think. Simply because we can do more when we are quick, it does not follow that we will do better.

How can Design help us to be happily SLOW ?







Opening: 7 May 2016
Duration: 7 to 10 May 2016
Location: Schloß Hollenegg | Gressenberg 5, 8541 Schwanberg
Shuttle from Graz: 17.00 – Return: 20.30
Registration for Shuttle:

On occasion of Designmonat Graz selected designers are invited to show their latest work in the thematically curated exhibition Slow. The installations, designed in the course of the residency program of the 2015/16 season by the design studios Dossofiorito, Dean Brown and mischer’traxler, will be shown as well. The exhibition tries to offer a new, more positive conception of ‘slow’ by presenting design objects that are fruit of a slow process and those, which force the viewer to slow down.


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