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Skull Armchair | Maximo Riera
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Skull Armchair | Maximo Riera

Skull Armchair is an ominously powerful looking piece of furniture by French designer Harold Sangouard, aka Harow, that seems fit for anyone interested in comfort as they plot sinister moves. Like something straight out of a movie or video game or perhaps a Bond villain’s elaborate lair, the onyx chair is all velvety comfort on one side and a ridged, geometric skull on the other.

Somewhere between sculptural art and functioning furniture, the armchair is a seat that is as much a cushioned resting point as it is a spectacle to be admired. There is a dramatic appeal to the big reveal in the back of the armchair, similar to the design of Maximo Riera’s animal chairs: Rhino, Octopus, Beetle and Elephant.

Skull Armchair is currently available in black and gold and can be purchased through Harow’s website where the price is available upon request.







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