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Silver Metamorphosis
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Silver Metamorphosis

Yacine’s love of photography began at 16 when his brother bought him a second hand camera for his birthday. Always fascinated by nature, the natural world was his main subject for many years. It was not till he was 21 that he was first introduced to fashion photography. It was while living and working in Tokyo, Japan that he met Brazilian photographer Cassio Macambira and began assisting him.

He then spent the next two years studying film at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver
Yacine returned to Montreal in 1995 and began DJing around town at some of the hottest clubs at the same time shared a studio with photographer Max Abadian. It was not until 1997 when he met Raphael Mazzucco that he began to learn fashion photography as an art form and a business. Yacine has since assisted him around the world for clients including Victoria’s Secret, Bloomingdale’s, American Marie-Claire and Elle-Quebec.

As a photographer, Yacine’s clients have included Dex, Nylon by Dex, Ginger, Jude Clothing, Style Exchange and Ocean Drive Magazine. As comfortable in the studio as on location, Yacine’s compositions seek to be as natural as possible.


His images evoke fascination, always drawing the eye closer and holding the observer’s attention. Breaking from the cliché of images we so often find, his unique vision is inspired from something much deeper than simple aesthetics, its inspiration is from our source, our soul… nature.



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