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Sidewinding Circular Skates | Hammacher Schlemmer
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Sidewinding Circular Skates | Hammacher Schlemmer

If you’re bored with your standard skateboard but aren’t quite ready for a futuristic hoverboard, the Sidewinding Circular Skates by Hammacher Schlemmer could be the solution for you. Instead of a board with wheels underneath, this “skateboard” just has two wheels, and no board at all. To propel yourself, you have to lean from side to side to rotate the 10” rubber wheels which go all the way around each foot. It’s easy to spin as the wheels are not connected (unless you choose to connect them with the rod provided to help you while you learn) and you can stop by putting your toes down. At $100, it’s a bit pricier than a classic skateboard, but it does look pretty fun!

sidewinding_feeldesain_01 sidewinding_feeldesain_02 sidewinding_feeldesain_03 sidewinding_feeldesain_04 sidewinding_feeldesain_05 sidewinding_feeldesain_06

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