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Side by Side – Star Wars
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Side by Side – Star Wars

The project started out as a tribute from a group of designers and freelances from Turin, in Italy.

Side-by-Side is an overview on the Force in the Star Wars universe, the same force which awakened in the Episode VII. On the website you can discover the Jedy and Sith philosophy, both disciples of the Force, the powers they possess and the path you need to follow to control and exploit this capability.

Star_wars_side by side_feeldesain starwars_sidebyside

You can also display the duels between the light and the dark that have been fought in the Saga, and find all the characters in a unique infographic showing master-apprentice relationship according to the Canon.

On society6 you can also find your favourite character and illustration tu support the project.

sidebyside_header_01 sidebyside_header_02




Boumaka Art direction & UI design
Matteo Carmosino Pictogram
Nerdo Animation
Chiara Morra Illustration
Stefano Maccarelli Creative coding
Piero Bellomo Server admin
Alessandro Valsania Front-end coding
Niagara Sound design

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