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American Legacy According To Shawn Huckins’ Paintings
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American Legacy According To Shawn Huckins’ Paintings

Shawn Huckins turns to the period when the young nation sought to establish a legacy through art.

For his latest upcoming exhibition – Fool’s Gold – Huckins presents the erasures series. Gilbert Stuart’s iconic full-length portrait of Washington served as precedent for the art which would be procured for the white house collection. The paintings chosen as subjects for the erasures are drawn from this very collection.

Continuing Huckins’ practice of overlaying familiar elements of the modern age over traditional paintings, the new collection of acrylic on canvas pieces deals with the fragility of legacy and asks the question, in this age of “fake news”, whether one person can easily remove or alter the impact of other historical figures before them.

Huckins‘ erasures is a collection of historical paintings meticulously reproduced by hand and then obscured by a hand-painted checkerboard pattern.

forces us to examine our assumptions regarding the longevity of individual influence and institutions, thus raising enormous questions concerning the fragility of legacy.


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