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Shadow Sculptures | L. Kagan
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Shadow Sculptures | L. Kagan

Larry Kagan is a sculptor who uses steel, light and cast shadow as a creative medium. A long time Professor of Art at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY, he maintains studios in Troy and in New York City. He is represented by the art gallery Hirschl & Adler Modern in New York City.

The beauty of his sculptures lays behind the light, that creates every time unexpected forms by casting a perfectly measured shadow. When the light isn’t switched on the compositions could look more like beautiful abstract shapes.

baldeagle_off feeldesain 1 baldeagle_onfeeldesain 2 beachchair_off feeldesain 3 beachchair_on feeldesain 4 box2_offfeeldesain 5 box2_on feeldesain 6 cone_off feeldesain 7 cone_on feeldesain 8 f16_off feeldesain 9 f16_on feeldesain 10 frankfurtchair_off feeldesain 11 frankfurtchar_on feeldesain 12 greatbook_offfeeldesain 13 greatbook_onfeeldesain 14 intersection_offfeeldesain 15 intersection_onfeeldesain 16 mosquito_off feeldesain 17 mosquito_on feeldesain 18 nesting_off feeldesain 19 nesting_on feeldesain 20 pointgaurd_off 21 pointgaurd_on feeldesain 22 poodle_off feeldesain 23 poodle_on feeldesain 24 pump_on feeldesain 25 takingaim_off feeldesain 26 takingaim_on feeldesain 27 tapdancer_off feeldesain 28 tapdancer_on feeldesain 29

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