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See-Through Billboard That Lets ‘Find’ Missing Children
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See-Through Billboard That Lets ‘Find’ Missing Children

The German agency thjnk has come up with a creative billboard that draws attention to the plight of missing children.

Created for the Facebook page, “Deutschland findet euch”, which translates to “Germany Finds You”, the agency enlisted the help of the Effective Team and Screenlab to place TV screens without polarizing film on the streets of Hamburg. Without the film, these screens appeared to be blank, baffling passers-by.

The creative teams then set up another billboard that looked like a Facebook page, and stretched the same type of film across it. The film on the billboard enabled people to see what was on the screens on the street, making it look like they have “found” these missing children.

These clever billboards will be installed all across the country to promote this cause, and hopefully more people would come forward to help.

What do you think of this idea?

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