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Sathorn Unique – The ghost tower
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Sathorn Unique – The ghost tower

Do you remember our previous  post Abandoned Monuments?! Today we would like to present you another of this kind of post, written by italian-based journalist Rossella Quaranta on her blog Thai Kangaroo Salad. She writes about the Sathorn Unique, the ghost tower in Bangkok, Thailand.

“In the 90s, some projects were ready to celebrate the economic boom in Thailand. Bangkok should have become a brand new city, full of modern skyscrapers, both residential and administrative. One of the most ambitious of them was the Sathorn Unique, a 49-story tower with luxury apartments. «It’s our first residential project in downtown Bangkok – it was written in the official brochure –. The tower is 49 storey with the total of 659 residential units and 54 retails, located only less than 200 meters from BTS : Taksin station. Sathorn Unique Tower is also located at the edge of old commercial town of Charernkrung meets the new international business zone of Silom-Sathorn roads. It sits on the a horse-shoe blend which is considered as the best place for overlook at the Bangkok’s grand cityscape and the charm of the Chaopraya river.»” Read more HERE 








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