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Robi Robot
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Robi Robot

He walks, talks and almost looks just like a mini person. Yes, say hello to Robi, a wonderfully cute and rewarding small robot that you will be able to build and complete yourself.
Designed by Tomotaka Takahashi, Robi has around 20 motorized joints and is constructed gradually using the parts provided with issues of the android’s own magazine.

Standing at a very sweet 34cm (13.4″) in height, Robi will be like a child in your home.
No programming is required to assemble Robi, meaning he is the ideal companion for people who aren’t total tech experts but still love robots.

Check out the way he can get up.

He has about 200 phrases he can say (Japanese only but still cute!) as he responds to humans using the sensors in his eyes.
He will even sing and dance if you put on music. He can also act as a TV remote control, changing channels for you via his internal module. Plus see how human-like and realistic his walking movements are!







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The Robi Robot Model Kit features:

  • Size: around 34 x 16 x 12cm (13.4 x 6.3 x 4.7″)
  • Weight: around 1kg (2.2 lb) (inc. battery)
  • Speaks around 200 phrases (Japanese only)
  • Sings and dances
  • Game Mode for playing with people
  • No programming required
  • One issue of Robi assembly magazine
  • Requires parts provided over multiple issues of Robi magazine
  • Instructions: Japanese (but with images)

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