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Reinventing the Bookmark | Paperlux
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Reinventing the Bookmark | Paperlux

In the e-book’s era Paperlux thinks that it is important to hold a real book in your hands. To turn the pages, to feel the paper, and to smell the printing ink.

This work is based on the concept, that in today’s age of high-technology, a bookmark can easily mark any place in a book; a paragraph, a line, or even a single word. The aim for this project was to merge all of these options together with a generously playful element. The selection of the material turned out to be a huge challenge: the punching had to be very precise in order to achieve the desired flexibility and haptics, because the thickness of fine paper is not as uniformly even as technical paperboard used for packaging. They also had to implement two additional punched lines in order to achieve greater flexibility and to dramatize the playful effect. To add more fun at all project, the bookmark was thinking in three color variations.

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