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Phallus 2020 | Trump in the White House
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Phallus 2020 | Trump in the White House

Nowadays politics are no longer the way they once were. Far from being a space in which social problems get solved, everything seems to indicate that the latter, in their passage through the filters of any house of parliament, end up getting worse. This is the case of the recent elections in the United States.

Just when the world had entered a phase of hope by seeing how a country with a long history of xenophobic events as North America (USA), had chosen for the first time an african american president, we find ourselves with an election results that act as a real throwback to those times in which racial segregation was the everyday policy. Let us simply contemplate how the winning candidate, Mr. Donald Trump, built a major part of its electoral strategy on the hatred for difference as well as the hatred toward everything that is not “American”.

There is no room for doubt that many young people of our times, Americans and not, to whom their parents and school teachers, with great care, have been transmitting during lots of years a whole series of values directed toward the attainment of a decent way to pursuit happiness and success in life, will be immersed today in a very serious confusion after having witnessed how, through insult and impertinence, any unscrupulous “dude” can reach the highest spheres of power.

However, we might admit that most of the “Trumpist” message is not property of the same Mr. Trump. Our friend Donald is only interested in a sole message actually, and it is none other than the one that defends that everything in this life has a price. The message that he has transmitted during his campaign quite openly, in contrast, is that of a majority of Americans, tired of Obama and his incursions into a pro European pseudo-socialism. A vast part of an American society that rewards individualism well above the collectivity. A society where Texas’s “cowboys” must face all the fires that take place throughout the length and width of their plains filled with scrub, without any single aid from their government, whom them cowboys belittle. Trump has come to Washington to strip away all the rules, without exception. Even those of greater historical character. As for example that one, belonging to the domain of urbanism, which bans to build up any building in Washington D.C to be higher than the Capitol.

And although it is true that Trump is going to have the Capitol on his side, since Republicans also got the majority in the Capitol as well, it is more than likely that, from the first day, he will take office with a simple “I’m the boss here!”, very typical of alpha males that go very short of dopamine and do not know how to hide it. It is even possible that to to mark his newly conquered territory, he will happen to extrude the already kitsch and dull White House building towards the sky, to convert it into the newest one of his horrendous skyscrapers.

At least in France the presidents of the Republic built cultural facilities during their mandates, such as the French National Library or the Musée du quai Branly, promoted by Mitterrand and Chirac respectively.
The only hope that this artist has is that Mr Trump leaves the real estate business for a long while after having seen these images.

PHALLUS_V05_A_DETAIL PHALLUS_V04_A_DETAIL PHALLUS_V05_A_1200px Aerial view of the White House lawn with the city of Washington, PHALLUS_V03_A_DETAIL Aerial view of the White House, Old Executive Office and Washing White House and Old Executive Office Building view also showing PHALLUS_V01_A_1200px PHALLUS_V01_A_TOP_DETAIL

Title: “ Phallus 2020 ”
Technique: Digital Photography and 3D Date: November 10th, 2016
Author: Víctor Enrich

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