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Olympic Vermin
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Olympic Vermin

With the Olympic fever at its zenith, London-based animators Amaël Isnard and Leo Bridle have given the London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay a humorous twist.

In the short, entitled ‘Olympic Vermin’, the animators give their warped, yet amusing, view of the upcoming event—recasting the Greek tradition with a scrappy set of urban critters.

“It’s not hard to be a bit excited about everything going on in the city, but at the same time we felt detached from the image of London being sent out to the world,” Bridle told The Atlantic.

“The idea of dirty urban animals staging their own ‘trash olympics’ seemed like a great way to show the true spirit of London!” 
With a discarded cigarette as the flame, a squirrel, pigeon, and rat endure to harshness of London in order to light an ‘eternal flame’.

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