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Ollie | Stage 3 Properties, nArchitects and Monadnock Development
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Ollie | Stage 3 Properties, nArchitects and Monadnock Development

There’s been a boom in micro-housing in recent years – as prices go up, dimensions go down, but there’s no reason for that to mean living somewhere which isn’t comfortable and stylish, as these tiny New York apartments go to show. The apartments, by Stage 3 Properties, nARCHITECTS and Monadnock Development, are known as “Ollie” and are not only minimal, stylish and well designed, but also very clever. In the first development, 32 fully furnished units are available, with spaces ranging from 250 to 370 square feet. As well as beautiful furniture, tasteful decoration and clever storage solutions, inhabitants of Ollie can expect special help finding the perfect roommate, the Alfred service which takes care of laundry, grocery shopping and more, and even the use of workspaces, pools, lounges, and bars to make the development feel more like a friendly college residence than a block of flats. Rent starts from $950 per month. Find out more on Ollie’s site.


Photos: Mekko Harjo via Ollie

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