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Olio Objects | Georgina Lewis
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Olio Objects | Georgina Lewis

Georgina Lewis, the designer behind Olio Objects makes low cost designer furniture that appeals to people who love high-end products. An outcome focused designer Georgina has been asking what sells and why, as a basis for the development of her design studio.

“My goal is an ambitious one, I want people like my friends and family to be able to afford designer pieces that are hand made locally. I’m interested in creating good design at affordable prices.”

The Duo range to be launched at Design Junction in London in September, features a palette of copper and wood. There is something familiar yet fresh about the work, consisting of a candelabra, table lamp, side table and coffee table that the young Australian first conceived of when on a week long trek across Tasmania.

A young Australian designer based in London, Lewis formed Olio (which means a collection of miscellaneous things) in 2011 and has worked in the manufacturing and retail industries for nine years. The studio draws on mass production philosophies to produce affordable individually hand made pieces.








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