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No Way Home | Rafa Zubiria
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No Way Home | Rafa Zubiria

Surprising and versatile photographer, Rafa Zubiria (San Sebastián, 1985). The disturbing images of Rafa Zubiria, which defies its dreamlike surrealism politically correct positions, we are immersed in a universe full of stimulating reading. Rafa in the works of an author discovered Zubiria formally sophisticated image confronts us with a beautiful, evocative and sensual. His artistic career began garnering numerous awards. At the same time it begins its work with publications dedicated to new trends in art, his work was shown in several exhibitions both collective and individual, and its immense capacity develops imaginative art direction of advertising campaigns. His research on the image takes you to work in the world of the video (‘Invisible Choreography’ from ‘The Big Other’, 2009; Love of Lesbian and Il Cielo in Baghdad, 2008) and even make their own short films (‘Philia’ , a short film about the world of JG Ballard, 2008).

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