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Mural Art Project Called “Pillars Of Sabah”
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Mural Art Project Called “Pillars Of Sabah”

“Pillars of Sabah” is the new mural art project by Red Hong Yi and Jared Abdul Rahman.

Thirty local artists have created a Sabah-themed mural located at the Sabah Street Art Gallery in Malaysia. Each artist – of diverse ages, ethnicity and art styles – has to transform this abandoned downtown site into one that celebrates art and community. One pillar and two sides. On one side, the artists had to paint an inspiring person (from Sabah) of their choice, and on the other, the artists were to paint their self-portraits.

Launching on Malaysia Day itself, the public is warmly welcomed to witness the pillars of patriotism as well as meet and greet the artists to mix and mingle the love for art and love for home. You might even get to meet the people in the portraits in person! What better way to celebrate a monumental holiday than to be with some of the most inspiring people, which includes all Malaysians, who make our country such a harmonious home.

“Jared Abdul Rahman and I decided to work on a project that celebrates New Malaysia” said Red Hong Yi.

We hope this will encourage the art community, for all artists in KK. Jared and I wanted the pillars to be an open portfolio for the artists, so they can be contacted for more work and be supported by the community (their contact details are on the pillars). We also want to tell our Sabahan stories, of Sabahans contributing locally and globally.

Photo credits: Ong Yoong Chien, Sheng Haw Lim

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