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Much Loved | Old Stuffed Animal
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Much Loved | Old Stuffed Animal

Much Loved by photographer Mark Nixon captures the nostalgia of our beloved stuffed animals and puppets.
The series, captures the playfully abused bears, rabbits, and other stuffed toys, reminding us of our younger years.

Here is a small collection from Nixon’s book, for more images and further information please visit his site,
We think “much loved” is  beautiful project, for sure, a must-have book to keep on your shelf!

much loved feeldesain01

much loved feeldesain02

much loved feeldesain03

much loved feeldesain04

much loved feeldesain05

much loved feeldesain06

much loved feeldesain07

much loved feeldesain08

much loved feeldesain09

much loved feeldesain10

much loved feeldesain11

much loved feeldesain12

much loved feeldesain13

much loved feeldesain14

much loved feeldesain15

much loved feeldesain16

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