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Monument Valley Games | USTWO
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Monument Valley Games | USTWO

We talk about Monument Valley few months ago and now this incredible game return with the official Apple ipad & iphone relase!


But what is Monument Valley? Welcome to a surreal digital exploration through the eyes of Ida, a silent Princess, in a world of impeccable architecture, geometry and landscape twists where the premise is to guide Ida through mysterious architectural landscapes leading Ida through monuments, hidden thresholds and turning stairs, all the while making sure to avoid the enigmatic Crow People.


This simple storyline clearly takes its inspiration from the art of M.C. Escher, Japanese prints and minimalist 3D design. As a collaborative assortment of experiences produced by a team of 3d-modeling artists, architects, graphic designers and developers called USTWO, this is an exquisite product where the user interacts with it from the palm of their hand. Atmospheric using new game mechanics, Monument Valley allows players to intuitively discover their control, potential and rules within the world. Although the landscapes exert a sense of difficulty, you never feel the frustration or anguish of the unknown. In a puzzling way, you find yourself immersed in difficulty without the negative emotions of taking the next step. The crafted environments, with their color, sound, shape and depth, provide a nice balance to keep you immersed in them and not want to put the game down.



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