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Moleskine Art Plus
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Moleskine Art Plus

Moleskine Launches ‘Art Plus’, 25 Specially Designed Notebooks For Creatives.

As “good art needs good tools”, Moleskine has launched the “Art Plus” collection of 25 notebooks that have been specially designed for creatives.
Featuring various paper weights, absorbency, dimensions, cover materials and paper layouts, they aim to provide the solution to any creative need that may arise.

Whether you are a watercolor artist, film-maker, musician or photographer, there is a notebook in this collection that is made just for you—for instance, artists who sketch on-the-go may want to go for the lightweight and portable “Sketch Album”, while social media junkies will find the Instagram-ready “Squared” format useful for easy sharing.

Scroll down to watch the collection’s fun promotional video that would introduce you to many of its star products—which one of these notebooks would be most suitable for you?
Find out more about the “Art Plus” collection here.


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