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MINI’s pre-owned program | Butler Shine Stern & Partners
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MINI’s pre-owned program | Butler Shine Stern & Partners

It’s official: MINI‘s new campaign for its NEXT Certified Pre-Owned program is awesome. Butler Shine Stern & Partners is the agency behind the campaign, which not only promotes MINI, but also the Best Friends Animal Society who have a lot of “pre-owned” dogs to find homes for too. In order to encourage buyers to purchase a used car, they have used four dogs – Cooper, Turbo, Ziggy and Zaggy – to act as used car salesmen. The puppy vision cam shows prospective buyers around a pre-owned MINI, and viewers can even “tweet to treat” if they want to reward the dogs for their hard work! Click here to go to the K-9 Showroom.

MINIs Cute Campaign - Feel Desain1 MINIs Cute Campaign - Feel Desain2 MINIs Cute Campaign - Feel Desain3 MINIs Cute Campaign - Feel Desain4MINI NEXT Certified Pre-Owned

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