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Marine Waves at Burning Man By Sasha Shtanuk
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Marine Waves at Burning Man By Sasha Shtanuk

Russia-based architect Sasha Shtanuk creates 10.000 sqm NASA space blanket to cover this year’s Burning Man.

Made of 3.350 NASA space blankets held together with 40 km of reinforced tape, the ultralight polyester canvas will constantly change its shape into surreal silhouettes of waves, mountains, and any other gigantic form your imagination can think of.


To raise enough money for the materials, transportation, rent, etc., and make the installation happen, the architect has started an indiegogo campaign with a flexible goal of 17.500 dollars. To back the project, you can buy a dusty piece of ‘the blanket’ for $15 to $10.000, depending on its size.

Sasha Shtanuk aims at bringing a safe and friendly gathering space into the hot desert.

‘ever since we were children and throughout our lives, we share the space under the blanket with lovers, friends, and family,’ says the architect. ‘under the blanket, there are no strangers.’

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