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Make It Pop | Farm Design
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Make It Pop | Farm Design

California-based creative agency Farm Design created a super fun, summer promotional piece to push brand awareness and demonstrate the agency’s packaging and design capabilities to clients: “We were trying to think of something that our clients would eat up that uniquely captures the essence of the summer season. The result was a fresh, fun promo item featuring locally produced popsicles. The overall promo concept is simple: let the popsicles be the star. A cohesive system was created using a white foam cooler, the signature “Farm Design Blue,” bold modern graphics, cheeky copy and sophisticated printing techniques.”


The campaign is a brilliant extension of the agency’s creative personality and approach to design. The colors pop off the paper in bright, saturated hues of blue, yellow, green and red and the graphics are reminiscent of 1960s-era pop art for a truly attention-getting experience.












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