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Lighthouse 65 AR Design Studio
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Lighthouse 65 AR Design Studio

Lighthouse 65 by AR Design Studio:

“This super insulated, luxury 3 bedroom house sits in a beautiful water side location on the South Coast, enjoying stunning views of the Solent and the Isle of Wight. The design concept was to maximize the building’s width, so every key room enjoys expansive views of the vista; all bathrooms and utility spaces run at the rear of the property, allowing this.

The house sits 7 metres below road level with the roof acting as a parking deck for 3 cars. The house is accessed via an illuminated glass cube that tops a concrete stair core; the ‘lighthouse’ that gives the house its name. At night the lit glass glows to indicate local weather conditions: green when weather is fair and red when atmospheric pressure drops, warning passing yachtsmen of possible stormy conditions.

Visually the roof and floor decks are hung from the central concrete core, terminating in large cantilevers that provide shade and open-air shelter to the ground floor.”




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