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Lens Bracelets
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Lens Bracelets

Designed exclusively for camera-obsessed photogs like yourself, this soft silicone bracelet is a replica of your lens’ focusing ring. From the embossed “50mm” and AF/MF switch to the lens grip ridges, we can’t think of a better addition to our camera style wardrobe.

This bracelet is one size fits all. And because everyone has a favorite lens type, you can choose the focal length that represents you: 50mm prime or 24-70mm zoom.

You consider yourself a 50mm. Dating wise? You’re all about the 24-70mm. The 15mm is a little dim around the edges, and the others are just too shallow.

The 24-70mm – that’s the one that completes us (or our lens system)!

Shipping to the USA starts at just $2.50! MORE INFO


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