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Inked J&B Bottles | Sébastien Mathieu
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Inked J&B Bottles | Sébastien Mathieu

Do you know what J&B and tattoos have in common? The same age: in fact, they were both born in London in the second half of the XIX century, thanks to the inclination of Royal Navy Marines to have tattoos when drunk with whiskey. So famous alcoholic brand J&B teamed up with french tattoo artist  Sébastien Mathieu to create 25 limited edition bottles, which took him 20 hours each to be manually inked.

InkedBottles_feeldesain_01 InkedBottles_feeldesain_02 InkedBottles_feeldesain_03 InkedBottles_feeldesain_04 InkedBottles_feeldesain_05 InkedBottles_feeldesain_06 InkedBottles_feeldesain_07 InkedBottles_feeldesain_08

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