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Incredible Animal Sculptures made from Cutlery | G. Hovey
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Incredible Animal Sculptures made from Cutlery | G. Hovey

Since 2004 Gary Hovey has been sculpting stainless steel forks, knives, and spoons into realistic forms. Favorite subjects are wildlife such as herons, bears, and game fish. In 1978 Gary saw a sculpture made of chrome car bumpers by John Kearney. Nearly twenty-five years later, he decided to try something similar with spoons. Soon he was developing intricate figures  of stainless steel flatware cut, welded, and shaped into art. Gary began acquiring metalworking skills in Tulsa, Oklahoma where he coordinated the metal shop at Turkey Track Bronze Works.  Following this he gained experience as a skilled welder and metal fabricator. He made several bronze editions, a commemorative bronze edition, and a life-size bronze. Gary has participated in solo and group exhibitions. At local, regional, and multi-state shows he has won numerous honors including best of show, first place, and people’s choice awards. His sculptures can be seen at American Gallery in Sylvania, Ohio and Ursus Art Space in Upper Arlington, Ohio. Commissions are also accepted.  Gary lives in rural New Knoxville, Ohio with his wife and four kids. All of them are artists.

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