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Illustrated Instagram Invasion | Lucas Levitan
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Illustrated Instagram Invasion | Lucas Levitan

These images will surely put a smile on your face. Lucas Levitan is a Brazilian based in London, who works as an illustrator. He’s created a series called “Photo Invasion”, where he takes the Instagram photos of total strangers, and adds his own little touch in the form of illustrations, which usually turn the scene into something different entirely. Have a look and a laugh at the results of his work.

lucas-levitan-extrainstagram1 lucas-levitan-extrainstagram2 lucas-levitan-extrainstagram4 lucas-levitan-extrainstagram5 lucas-levitan-extrainstagram6 lucas-levitan-extrainstagram7 lucas-levitan-extrainstagram8 lucas-levitan-extrainstagram9 lucas-levitan-extrainstagram10 lucas-levitan-extrainstagram11 lucas-levitan-extrainstagram12 lucas-levitan-extrainstagram13

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