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I Have I Need
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I Have I Need

I Have I Need

‘I Have I Need’ is a community sharing project designed by Charlotte Fliegner and Sarah Crowley, graduate Architects from Melbourne, Australia.

 The ‘I Have I Need’ installations are visual conversations: speech bubble-shaped chalkboards are filled in by the community who write down goods or services they have to offer, or items they need, along with their contact details.  People are then able to contact each other, organise a time and location to meet and swap items or services.

 Through this sustainability initiative, people area able to recycle their waste, share services they can offer, and take what they may need. Through sharing, people are encouraged to meet, interact and thus create a sense of community.

 The project has been installed in several locations around Melbourne, where it has generated vibrant street life and a passion for sharing amongst neighbours. We are excited by the informal public spaces that form around these boards, turning blank walls into neighbourhood spaces for engagement.

We are currently looking for some more blank walls to install ‘I Have I Need’ onto the streets of Melbourne. These blank walls could be the facades of buildings or inside cafes, shops or galleries. We have been awarded a grant from the Awesome Foundation to cover installation costs, and are just in need of some space. The installation is temporary in nature (constructed from plywood & fixed to a blank wall) and can easily be re-used and relocated.


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