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Hrsz. 737 Wine Label
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Hrsz. 737 Wine Label

It might not have been part of the initial design intention, but Hrsz. 737 Wine packaging could prove to serve as a valuable drunkenness gauge as you sip down your second glass. The smooth silhouette of the wine bottle has been covered from base to cap with an illusory pattern of sinuous black and white stripes that wind and turn and stretch with beautiful fluidity. It’s literally eye-catching and potentially disorienting.

Designer Kira Koroknai hoped to communicate the full-bodied flavor of the Csetvei Winery beverage with a label that extended beyond the limits of the usual rectangular sticker.
Despite the dynamic image of Hrsz. 737 Wine packaging, visual harmony and stability are struck with black banding on the top and bottom.

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