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Ho’i Mai | Hula
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Ho’i Mai | Hula

Ho’i Mai, literally meaning Come Back, is an unusual work of art by Hawaiian-born and New York-based artist Hula. When he discovered this abandoned shipwreck, the artist, real name Sean Yoro, just had to add a touch of beauty and make it stand out. He took inspiration from the ever changing tides and created a work of art which is more or less visible depending on the time of day. Of course, painting out at sea is no easy task – Hula had to work from a paddleboard, dealing with the changing tides and the bobbing motion of the water, but we’d say the final product came out looking pretty darn impressive.

Hula_feeldesain_01 Hula_feeldesain_02 Hula_feeldesain_03 Hula_feeldesain_04 Hula_feeldesain_05 Hula_feeldesain_06

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