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Harrods Fabergé Installation | Justso & Projection Artworks
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Harrods Fabergé Installation | Justso & Projection Artworks

Upmarket London department store Harrods celebrated Easter this year with this impressive campaign featuring the iconic Fabergé egg. Agencies JUSTSO and Projection Artworks worked on creating an interactive installation including the world’s first daylight visible projection mapping installation featuring interactive iPad control, and a window display allowing the user to choose their own preferences – with 10 iconic egg designs to choose from, from a module in-store. The display also included a 1.5 metre 3D egg which was projected onto with a sequence of explosive effects and colours representing the four seasons, the explosion effect then forming the user’s chosen design. The installation finished at the end of March this year, but you can admire the project in all its glory in the images below.

InteractiveEggInstallationFeelDesain01 InteractiveEggInstallationFeelDesain02 InteractiveEggInstallationFeelDesain03 InteractiveEggInstallationFeelDesain04 InteractiveEggInstallationFeelDesain05

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