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Halloween Dog Parade 2011
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Halloween Dog Parade 2011

Whoever said Halloween was a holiday just for kids hasn’t checked the Halloween Dog Parade in New York City. This year’s event was held on October 22 and attended by 500 dogs and 3,000 spectators. If you weren’t able to swing by, you’re in luck. Photographer Vivienne Gucwa wrote to us to tell us about the scene and to share her hilarious pictures.

“I attended the Halloween Dog Parade 2011. It has taken place every year for the last 21 years in Tompkins Square Park which is located in the East Village. Dog lovers from everywhere dress their dogs up to compete for various prizes. The costumes were awesome as usual. In terms of topical costumes, there were a few Occupy Wall Street dog costumes too.

“It’s a fun and festive event for this time of year and it’s impossible to stop smiling when you see the dogs in costume! Looking forward to seeing if this makes it to one of my favorite websites. ”

Gucwa’s full set of photos can be found on Flickr or you can see 21 of our favorites right here.

Gidget Goes to Tompkin (First Place Winner: “Spirit of the East Village”

Spaghetti and Meatballs

Don Draper of Mad Men

Hitchcock’s The Birds

Runaway Bride

Bride of Frankenstein

Firetruck F.D.N.Y.

Doggie in the Window

Pin Cushion with Thimble

Lady Gaga Meat Dress Dog


Aircraft Carrier


Autumn Leaves


Prince and Princess

NY Yankees Fan

Poop Factory

Tired Princess

So who took home the first place prize for Best in Show? Harry the corgi dressed as an M23 bus and his owner Ben, dressed as the bus stop, which you see at the Dogster website. Cute and creative!

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